We take advantage

We take advantage of the systems that alleviate minimizing the time of consignments’ stopovers in the Polish ports:
  • Ports 24 – Border Services controls Health Department AFQI, MIPHSI, veterinarians are interrelated whereby they save the importer’s precious time awaiting a customs declaration at the border.
  • Traces – A system of electronic declaration of shipments subject to veterinary supervision.
Simplified clearance procedures allow releasing the shipment within two hours at maximum of notifying the customs office of the intention of customs clearance.
We have introduced the manners of customs clearance without the obligation to make the VAT tax payment to the customs office and the settlement thereof in the tax return submitted to the Inland Revenue Service.
Another essential procedure that renders customs clearance more efficient is permission to defer the deadline. It is also possible to postpone the VAT tax payment deadline.
We offer the clearance of goods in the area of Poland, Germany (Hamburg, Bremmen), the Netherlands (Rotterdam) and Denmark (Antwerp).